Archer Western has been utilizing DMF for many years. During that time, DMF consistently proves that they want to be the vendor of choice.

DMF consistently provides competitive pricing, but more importantly DMF places a priority on customer service and understands that prompt service is critical to success and maintaining the best business relationship possible.

They are reliable, respond timely, invoice accurately and they conduct business professionally whether it's their office personnel or their drivers.

DMF has proven to be a valuable material supplier. When I need products, I can always count on Dean and his staff to get me what I need, when I need it. Dean truly understands the construction industry and does everything possible to keep us moving.

I cannot speak highly enough about the service that goes along with the sale. Most companies these days are only concerned about the order. Dean takes a much more personal approach when dealing with his contractors.

When purchasing lumber products, Dean Lazzaro is my "Go-to-Man." Dean had proven that calling him results in a fair price and on time delivery; two of the most important things a supplier has to offer a buyer.